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Quoted: Seth Frantzman interviews me 1 year to the Abraham Accords in the Jerusalem Post

Journalist Seth Frantzman interviews me for a Jerusalem Post piece recapping 1 year to the Abraham Accords.

Frantzman writes, quoting me: “Looking back one year, I could not have imagined that the relationships would have moved this quickly across all issues. I am so impressed and surprised by the scope and pace of normalization… I don’t know what the expectations were. I can only imagine they exceeded them. There are still many challenges ahead... There were and will be again policy disagreements.” He pointed to major trade implications. He says the new path with the Gulf will “reshape the Middle East as we know it. I believe this is the beginning of the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict. A path to taking extremism head on, a path to diplomatic engagement and cooperation in the region. The regional implications in fighting extremism are the most important here.”


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