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Melanie Maron Pell,

Acting Regional Director - AJC - American Jewish Committee

Dan’s fascinating briefings on the origins and history of the US-Israel relationship have made him a ‘must have’ on the itinerary when we bring delegations of high level elected officials to Israel through AJC Project Interchange. His knowledge is vast, his expertise is clear, and he brings context, insight and nuance to complicated issues. In addition to his substantive knowledge, Dan is affable and approachable and understands how to connect with his listeners. Whether briefing delegations visiting Israel or speaking to American groups across the United States, Dan is an effective and informative presenter who understands his subject matter and engages effectively with his audience. I have learned something new every time I have heard Dan speak, and I look forward to bringing more AJC Project Interchange delegations to learn from him in the future.


Suzanne Brue,

Chair of Speaker Series Committee - Congregation B'nai Israel, Boca Raton

Dan's cogent and intelligent presentation on BDS, the anti-Israel movement and anti-Semitism today was a breath of fresh air.  He explained this tense and complex subject objectively and without emotional fervor.  I would go to see him again whenever I had the chance.


Debra Barton Grant,

CEO - The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

We were honored to host Dan as a speaker here in Indianapolis for both a private reception for our JCRC and Jewish Federation leadership and a general briefing to our Federation Board of Directors. He has a great command of knowledge about pressing issues at hand in Israel and has the ability to share that knowledge with everyone in a comprehensible and accessible manner. We learned many insights from Dan, and all in the room, from the most well-read to the novice on US-Israel relations, walked away feeling like an insider. Dan is an effective teacher and speaker and we would highly recommend him to communities across North America who are looking for a native English speaker who can share insights in an effective and concise manner.


Uri Pilichowski,

Rabbi at Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah Academy

"Dan Feferman is the consummate expert and scholar. We had Dan speak to our group or students and staff. We had scheduled an hour for the lecture and Dan enthralled everyone to where no one would let him leave for two hours! Being able to combine scholarship with experience allows an “inside baseball” approach that your average pundit simply can’t deliver. Dan has an innate talent at breaking down complicated topics so that the first time listener can understand the challenging subjects and issues he discusses. Our group was most impressed by Dan’s broad knowledge base, his expertise on the Israeli army and his familiarity with the dangerous countries and groups surrounding Israel. I highly recommend Dan as a speaker at your next function."


Zeev Gurstein,

CEO Mabat Platinum Travel

We invited Dan to speak with to our groups on multiple occasions and have always found him to be an excellent, professional and interesting speaker who instantly develops rapport with our guests and make them feel at ease. The feedback from our VIP level guests is that in a short time, Dan is able to clearly explain the complexity of the Middle East, and Israel's position in it, and inspire them with his personal story of service and devotion to Israel. We find Dan to be a valuable asset to our program and will definitely continue to avail ourselves of his services in the future. 

Benny Scholder.png

Benny Scholder,

Kenes Tours - Educational Tourism

As a professional in the field of Israel educational tourism, I can truly say that Dan's understanding of the complexities and nuances of the geopolitical and security atmosphere of the Middle East and Israel's place in it are indispensable to any tour leader who desires to engage his participants to better understand the challenges which both Israel and the broader western world face as we move into the future. Dan is also an engaging speaker who succeeded in conveying his knowledge and these nuances to his listeners. 

Lee Greenberg,

Los Angeles, California

Dan is an engaging speaker and extremely knowledgeable, and succeeded in presenting the immense complexity of Israel, its security and diplomatic environment and challenges as well as the greater complexity of the Middle East, to adults and teens simultaneously, with varying levels of prior knowledge. Dan did so in a concise and understandable manner.  The 90 minutes we spent with Dan to hear his presentation and to answer a myriad of questions was extremely valuable to our group.

Stav Lefler,

Herzlya, Israel - Tour Guide and Speaker

On top of being widely knowledgable and deeply acquainted with the Middle East and Israel's unique position within it, Dan is an eloquent and attentive speaker.

His direct and friendly approach makes a meeting with him a valuable contribution to any tour in Israel. I recommend any visitor to Israel, and anyone interested in current affairs to invite him for a presentation or sit down for a chat with him. He will convey the most serious issues with a clear and down-to-earth attitude.

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