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Pew survey shows shift in affiliations of young American Jews

The PEW Research Center published a new survey of American Jews, with research conducted throughout 2020. The last major survey by PEW was conducted in 2013.

What does the new study, “Jewish Americans in 2020,” say about the status of the Jewish denominations, and what has changed since the last study was conducted in 2013? Not much, except when looking at young adults. In the younger generation, there are interesting shifts worth examining—structural trends that could influence the community going forward.

Two key points: First, Jews under 30 are considerably more likely to be either Orthodox or “nothing in particular,” with the liberal denominations losing ground. Second, it seems that many in the latter group see their Judaism as more cultural than religious.

In this analysis piece, I break down what is happening and what are the possible implications for American Jewry.


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