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Quoted: Haaretz feature article on new government and matters of religious pluralism

Judy Maltz, Haaretz's correspondent for religious affairs, interviews me for her piece on how the new expected (at the time) government would approach affairs relating to religious pluralism. Her piece is entitled "Looking at the Mikveh Half Full: Religious Freedom Advocates See Upside in New Gantz-Netanyahu Government". I note that given that the two Haredi parties and possibly the nationalist-religious party will be part of the coalition, it is highly unlikely that Gantz and his Blue and White will attempt to push through positive legislation regarding matters of religion and state. Gantz and Lapid did campaign on such issues, promising reforms on such hot-button issues as marriage freedom, conversion, the Kotel, public transportation on Shabbat and more, as did Lieberman. However both Lapid and Lieberman are now in the opposition. My sense, I told Maltz, is that a status quo on these issues will be preserved.

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