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The Gazan Kite Offensive and the Arc of Human History

I write that Hamas' recent use of flaming kites, as was portrayed on Israel's Eretz Nehederet, "It's a Wonderful Land" political satire show, sheds light on a tragic irony of the conflict. Israel continues to become more innovative, powerful and wealthy. Simultaneously, the Palestinians slide evermore backward and grow weaker as an outcome of their military innovation. This inverse relationship links directly to conflicting values on each side of the fence. Israel seeks to save lives – both Israeli and Palestinian; the Palestinian side seems interested in harming Israelis and seeking vengeance and honor it will never get. Palestinian military creativity (and terrorism often employs creativity) continues to flourish in an inversely primitive direction – to its own detriment. Rather than serve as an engine for development, the Palestinians – Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, in this case – continue to develop ever more creative ways to harm Israel.

I argue that Hamas has few military options left, once the kites are dealt with, like trying to break through the fence, piling up the body count of its own people in a last-ditch effort to tarnish Israel’s already stained reputation. Of course, it can always resort to rocket barrages and escalate the conflict.

Hamas is running out of moves here, as unrest in Gaza grows. The pressure building inside Gaza can only be pointed at Israel for so long before it explodes in Hamas’ face, leading to the collapse of their failed 11-year attempt at governance. That is why it would behoove them to admit defeat, end the armed struggle against Israel and begin channeling that creativity toward a positive future for Gaza’s inhabitants. This would truly be a remarkable transformation for the hardline “resistance organization”.

I maintain that given that this is the only realistic outcome , its a shame the peoples of Gaza and southern Israel must suffer so much for Hamas' intransigence.

The piece was also featured in Real Clear World.

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