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Media Appearance: Interviewed on CBN

The Christian Broadcasting Network asked me how the American presidential elections are viewed by Israelis and their importance to Israel. I note that Israelis pay close attention to American politics, especially presidential elections, due to the importance of America's role in the world and Israel's close relationship with America. I suggest that while in general, more Israelis would feel comfortable with a Republican than with a Democrat due to the former's high level of support for Israel and the latter's critical tone especially during the last 8 years, more Israelis seem to prefer Clinton over Trump. That is, since even though both candidates have taken a strong pro-Israel line, Clinton is a "known commodity" while Trump is largely an unknown. What I further said that was not aired in is that Clinton would likely have a far more coherent foreign policy than Trump and a more hawkish and interventionist approach than Obama, the subject that has most worried Israelis, especially on issues such as Iran and ISIS.

For the article, see here.

For the video, featured on Jerusalem Dateline from Oct. 21 2016, see here. The part on the US elections begins at 4:40.

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