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The Iran Assasination Doesn't Bring us Closer to War

In this op-ed/analysis piece published in The Algemeiner, I claim that the supposed Israeli assasination of Iranian nuclear chief and IRGC general Mohsen Fakhrizadeh does not bring us closer to war with Iran, because we are already in the midst of that very war.

Following the assasination, "reactions from prominent American voices — including in the Democratic Party, mainstream media outlets, and liberal Jewish organizations — have voiced three main critiques. First, that it was an unnecessary provocation that will lead to escalation, making America and its allies less safe. Second, that it was meant to sabotage incoming President Biden’s ability to reach a deal with Iran. Third, that military action will encourage Iran to further expand its nuclear program, and that diplomacy is the only way to get Iran to cease its illegal nuclear activity.

Such statements exhibit a flawed understanding of the nature of the Iranian regime; its threat to the US, Israel, and other allies; and to the nature of the current conflict between these parties. In short, this assassination won’t lead to war with Iran because we are already in the midst of that war."


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