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Interview on ILTV Insider: Tensions in Jerusalem and Beginning of Conflict with Hamas

I appeared on ILTV Insider to discuss, at length, the tensions in Jerusalem and the beginning of the military campaign against Hamas. I explain the nature of Israel's airstrikes against Hamas in the first days of the fighting. I explain that Hamas is firing to influence internal Palestinian politics, to show the Palestinian public that it is the true resistance against Israel and the defender of Jerusalem.

I explain that Hamas used the Jerusalem tensions as an excuse to take over the leadership of the Palestinian issues.

Israel must work with determination to stop Hamas' propoganda efforts and its incitement of the West Bank and Israeli Arabs and act firmly to take out its military infrastructure. At the same time, Israel has to work smartly with Israeli Arabs and avoid heavy-handed use of force, working with Israeli-Arab leaders to de-escalate.

Militarily, Hamas must be dealt a blow so it does not get to set a new bar, whereby it can fire rockets over developments in Jerusalme. The price it pays has to outweight the benefit it sought to gain by firing rockets at Israel. Hamas cannot be allowed to hold the escalation dominance.


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