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Gantz's Choice

In this feature piece on RealClearWorld, I describe Benny Gantz's tough choice in joining Netanyahu in a unity government. Remaining in the opposition likely meant going to an absurd fourth election, something that would not be forgiven during the coronavirus crisis. Even though he had to break most of his campaign promises, getting control over key government ministries, especially Justice, means being able to prevent a narrow right-religious coalition from pushing its agenda unchecked. And, if all goes according to plan, Gantz will be set to be Israel's next Prime Minister in 18 months. Many are convinced, however, that the political chess-master Netanyahu will not let this transition take place, assurances aside.

I conclude the article with the following: "His campaign slogan from the start was “Israel before everything.” If Gantz sacrificed his political career to give Israel at least 18 months of stability as it navigates the Coronavirus, he will have come through on at least this campaign promise."

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