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Media Appearance: Interview on Kan Israel National Radio (English)

Kan - Israel National Radio (English) interviewed me regarding military developments in Gaza and in Syria. I explained that Israel's recent military actions in Gaza are an extension of Israel's deterrence and red lines to new tactics Hamas is deploying in recent weeks, including infiltrating the border fence, planting IED's and sending incendiary kites to burn Israeli crops. Hamas has refrained from firing rockets since OPE in 2014 due to Israeli deterrence. But as it seeks to divert attention and release pressure from its mismanagement of Gaza and isolation, it seeks to escalate in other ways and draw West Bank Palestinians into the conflict through new means.

In regards to Iran's presence in Syria, I note that Israel seeks to prevent Iran from establishing itself militarily in Syria, preventing arms transfers to Hezbollah and preventing Iran from establishing arms manufacturing facilities in Lebanon. In regards to Russia's role, I noted that Russia has an interest in propping up Assad and retaining its influence. To do that, Russia preferred someone else, Iran, do most of the fighting against ISIS. Yet Russia has no interest in Iran having too much influence in Syria and so seems to have reached understandings with Israel whereby so long as Israel does not harm Russia's interests, Israel is allowed to act against Iran. This is a careful balancing act by both Israel and Russia, conducted successfully so far.

The interview begins at 6:30 until 14:30.

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