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Join me as I take you on a tour of Israel's strategic security environment. We will explore the current Middle East and international environment in which Israel lives and must contend, including challenges and opportunities. 

This briefing seeks to give the participant a broad, up-to-date, balanced and contextualized understanding of a complex region and Israel's role in it.


The presentation covers Israel's various security threats and challenges - the Palestinians, Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria while also looking at positive regional developments such as Israel's improving relations with the Arab world, No presentation would be complete without discussing Israel's complex relationship with a resurgent Russia and with Trump's America.


Suitable for those who are just getting to know the region and those who are more familiar.


Israel in a Shifting Middle East

The Trump Peace Plan: Deal of the Century or Trashbin of History

After 3 long years, President Trump unveiled the much awaited "Deal of the Century", the first major peace initiative in over a decade. Is this the "deal of the century" as the president promised, and which has succeeded in exciting a majority of Israelis or doomed to fail like all other peace initiatives before? We explore the main points of the agreement, how the various regional and international actors view it and its chances for success. Teaser: If it has any chance at succeeding, it might not be in forging immediate peace between Israelis and Palestinians but something else entirely.

Elections Again? Understanding Israel's Quirky Political System



Politics in Israel is never boring but often complicated to understand for outsiders and Israelis alike. 


Join me as I break down for you Israel's complex political system, key players and their motives, and the complex web of interactions between them.


What do the recent elections mean? Where is Israel headed? And why does any of this matter? 


The US - Israel Relationship: Origins, Present and Future



The US and Israel have had a special relationship for decades. Israel has often been regarded as the US' closest ally in the Middle East; and the US as Israel's closest ally, Yet the relationship has seen ups and downs in recent years, and seems to be undergoing a transformation.


Together, we'll take a look at the roots of this relationship - from the origins of America's support for Israel, through its early years and the development of the "special relationship".


We will explore the many avenues of cooperation between the two countries - from military and diplomacy to technology, business and culture.


We will then delve into changing demographic and social dynamics in both countries, within the context of a shifting world, that could change the fundamental nature of the relationship, and ponder where things might be headed.


The Changing Nature of Religious Identity in Israel - The Emergence of Reform and Conservative Judaism

What was to be a simple study of Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel led to a much broader conclusion: the very nature of Jewish identity in Israel has undergone a fundamental transformation. More and more Israelis are not "Reform" or Conservative" in the Diaspora sense, but they are embracing a Judaism that is far from traditional and halakhic.

This presentation examines the structures of Jewish identity in Israel, explains these shifts taking place, and presents, for the first time, an overview of the development of non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel.


Is the Chief Rabbinate Obsolete? An Exploration of Issues of Religion and State in Israel

Matters of Religion and State are of the most controversial and charged when discussing Israel society and politics. Israel, unlike many Western countries, has an official religion and chief rabbinate, which controls some matters of religion. Other matters are dominated by Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox groups via Israel's quirky political system.

Together, we take an analytical look at each matter of religion and state and break down Israeli reality, beyond the hyperbole of each side. We also look to the near future and ask: is the Chief Rabbinate becoming obsolete?


Israel at 72: Society, Politics and Security

As Israel marks its 70th year, we discuss Israel's stunning achievements, failures and complexities.

This presentation is geared for those seeking to get to know Israel better as it introduces Israel's political scene, societal makeup, economy and strategic picture. 

It allows participants a broad grasp of Israel today and sets up an open and candid discussion.

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