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Title:  Millennial American Jews and the Reorientation of the Jewish Middle

Published: Coming soon in late 2020



In this forthcoming book, Dan explores a range of new and creative Jewish expressions in North America that seem to be resonating with millennials. 

In recent years, established Jewish institutions have struggled to engage with young adults, while membership and denominational affiliation have declined (among non-Orthodox American Jews). However, although young adult Jews may connect less with denominational labels and less frequently hold formal membership in established institutions, they seem no less interested in engaging in Jewish behavior when defined more broadly. In this forthcoming book, Dan claims we are seeing generational shifts in Jewish behavior and identity rather than declines, with data to back this up this assertion.

Young adult Jews are increasingly connecting to Judaism through innovative, often independent frameworks and organizations, including Independent Minyans, emergent communities, including the Jewish Emergent Network, innovative projects operating within the mainstream denominations, and thriving programs to engage with young adults “where they are.” Taken together, we dub these an ecosystem of Jewish innovation. The reason for the relative success of these has been their early understanding and adaptation to these generational shifts.  

In understanding  these adaptations, Jewish leaders can better understand how to steer Jewish institutions as American Jewry and the broader American society undergo such a generational shift.

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