Why this Israeli Election is Different

In this comprehensive analysis of Israel's elections, published the day before in Real Clear World, I lay out how elections in Israel work, who the various parties are and the likely outcome. I break down conventional understandings of left and right in the Israeli context with new constructs of "center" or "left" on some issues and "right" on others. I claim these elections are really focused on two things: 1) a referendum on Netanyahu himself and 2) a new reordering of left/ center and right based on notions of democracy; ie. rule of law, independent judiciary and press, minority rights, etc. vs. the will of the majority. Lastly, I discuss the implications on Israel's changing role in the

Media Appearance: Interview on TRT World Turkish Television

Turkish television (in English) reported on tensions between Women of the Wall and the Reform and Conservative Movements and ultra-Orthodox protesters earlier this month. I was asked to offer background and context for the story. I appear midway through the report. To see the report, click here.

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