Rock-Paper-Scissors: The Israeli Political Edition

In this analysis / op-ed piece for The Tower, I claim that Benjamin Netanyahu’s, and by extension – Israel’s future, could go in any one of four distinct directions in the coming months - elections, indictment, war or peace talks. Much like in a game of rock-paper-scissors, any one of these could derail or at least delay the others and all would have serious repercussions for Israel. To read the article, click here.

Media Appearance: Interview on Hong-Kong Phoenix Television

Hong Kong's most influential news channel, Phoenix TV, interviewed me regarding the American -British - French airstrike on Syria, following its use of chemical weapons. I discussed that the strike is likely to be a limited one and not indicative of greater future involvement by the western powers, and that the US still intends to withdraw its limited troop presence from Syria. Rather, the west was intend on reestablishing red lines on the US of chemical weapons, reestablishing deterrence and reasserting itself vis-a-vis the Russians. This will not likely spark a wider conflict as the US made it clear the Russians and Iranians were not the targets, and both refrained from retaliating. The re

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