Putting the Kotel Decision in Context

The recent Israeli government decision from June 25, 2017, to freeze the Western Wall (Kotel) agreement, and advance a conversion bill, was dramatic, as were the responses from Jewish leaders and organizations in the United States, Israel and other countries. This, of course, did not occur in a vacuum, and should be understood in the proper political, social and demographic context. I have been researching some of these issues and am set to publish (JPPI) a comprehensive report on the status of the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel. This article, written together with JPPI Senior Fellow Shmuel Rosner, breaks down the decision, offers some additional thoughts and proposes next steps

Media Appearance: Interviewed on BBC World Service

The BBC World Service (Radio) interviewed me recently about the Mossad's (Israel's foreign intelligence agency) announcement it would be investing in start-ups and early stage technologies. I discussed what intelligence agencies gain from this and the relationship between intelligence work and the hi-tech sector in general. The story starts at 10 minutes and my interview at 13 minutes. To hear the story, click here. #mossad #intelligence #spy #intelligenceexpert #hitech #startup

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