Media Appearance: Interviewed on Spanish Newspaper "Terra"

The Spanish newspaper Terra and Spanish news agency EFE interviewed me on how incoming President Trump might approach Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I noted that counter-intuitively, an openly pro-Israel president might pressure the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table and offer concessions. That is, since the paradigm until now has been mostly to pressure Israel while demanding little from the Palestinians. To see the article (in Spanish), click here.

Media Appearance: Interview on Sky News

Today, I was interviewed live on Sky News, one of the leading news stations in the world based out of London. Sky News was interested in the ongoing trial of an Israeli soldier who shot and killed a wounded Palestinian terrorist after he had been neutralized. The verdict was handed down that very day and the soldier was found guilty, by a military court, of manslaughter, causing much outrage in Israel and large protests. I was asked about the debate in Israel regarding the case, about whether its plausible a neutralized terrorist could detonate a suicide bomb and about allegations of field executions, or "confirming the kill" by Israeli soldiers. #israel #IDF #IsraelDefenseForces #Militaryex

Knesset Briefing on BDS and Israel De-legitimization

Today I had the honor of briefing a special Knesset committee meeting dedicated to combating BDS and Israel de-legitimization on US and European college campuses. I was there representing JPPI, alongside Israeli government officials, journalists, other NGO's and student representatives from universities around the world. What a great day to see us all united in this important effort. #knesset #bds #delegitimization #bdscollegecampuses #antisemitism

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