State-Level Anti-BDS Legislative Initiatives

In a feature policy paper in the Jewish People Policy Institute's (JPPI) Annual Assessment for 2016, I examine the recent trend of anti-BDS state-level legislative initiatives in the United States. To date, 11 states have passed binding pro-Israel and anti-BDS legislation, another state (New York) passed an executive decision, 3 more states passed non-Israel specific anti-discrimination laws that block BDS and another state is close to passing similar legislation. Most of these passed with overwhelming and bi-partisan support. After breaking down and comparing the various models, and giving a state-by-state comparison, I conclude that while these legislative successes are important and shoul

Media Appearance: Interviewed on CBN

The Christian Broadcasting Network asked me how the American presidential elections are viewed by Israelis and their importance to Israel. I note that Israelis pay close attention to American politics, especially presidential elections, due to the importance of America's role in the world and Israel's close relationship with America. I suggest that while in general, more Israelis would feel comfortable with a Republican than with a Democrat due to the former's high level of support for Israel and the latter's critical tone especially during the last 8 years, more Israelis seem to prefer Clinton over Trump. That is, since even though both candidates have taken a strong pro-Israel line, Clint

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