Media Appearance: Quoted in the Washington Times

The Washington Times, writing on an ISIS/ Hamas plot to assasinate Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu backed by Iran, quoted my take on why Iran is backing Sunni extremist groups in the Middle East. I note that Iran gains doubly by this approach: first by upsetting stability for Israel and Egypt - US allies, and secondly by gaining a foothold as it expands its regional influence in additional parts of the Middle East. For the article, see here.

Media Appearance: Interview in The Tower Magazine

Arik Aggasi interviwed me for this The Tower Magazine analysis on the connection between ISIS and Iran (through Hamas). I note that Iran's support for Hamas, and indirectly ISIS in Sinai does not stand in contradiction to Iran's war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. This is, since Iran is ultimatly interested in regional hegemony, and will ally with whomever it takes to achieve it. For the article, see here.

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